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Koh Rong Beachfront - 海滨土地柬埔寨

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Kep Beachfront - 海滨土地柬埔寨

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Kep Seaview Land - 柬埔寨海景乐园

Why Cambodia Real Estate Is The Perfect Choice? 为什么柬埔寨房地产是完美的选择?


Direct from owners and owners representatives. 直接来自业主和业主代表

Deal direct with the owner or owners agency. Make appointments direct and find your special property. 直接与业主或业主机构打交道。直接预约并找到您的特殊财产


Contact Us in Any Language! 用任何语言联系我们!

Send us your message in any language and we will translate and reply to you in your language. 用任何语言向我们发送您的信息,我们将用您的语言翻译和回复您。


Foreign Ownership & Legal Services 外国所有权和法律服务

We can provide you the details to our legal team, so real estate buying or renting is transparent & easy. 我们可以向我们的法律团队提供您的详细信息,因此房地产购买或租赁是透明且容易的

Real Estate Inquiry Form 房地产询价单

Contact us direct and let us know what you are searching for. 直接联系我们,让我们知道您在寻找什么

Sihanoukville Factories, Offices & Warehouses 西哈努克工厂、办公室和仓库

Sihanoukville Factories, Offices & Warehouses 西哈努克工厂、办公室和仓库

Factory or warehouse spaces close to the Deep Sea Port and National Road 3 are for lease. Please discuss with us your requirements.

Main office spaces also available that would suit any style of business. The offices are of modern design, with internet access, full time cleaners and onsite parking with security.


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